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When it comes to delivering an awesome wedding day experience on your big day, 3 Piece Revival has it covered. 3 Piece Revival is able to provide something truly unique to you and your guests; all the excitement and entertainment that comes with a live music performance,
combined with a full-service DJ and Master of Ceremonies with over 12 years of experience creating memorable and personalized nights for couples all over the country.

Let us help take some of the stress out of your big day by allowing us to walk you through the process, helping you plan out your reception from the moment your guests arrive to the second they walk out... with a smile on their face, of course.

You’ve got one shot to create the biggest party of your life...

Why settle when you can have it all!



3 Piece Revival offers all the services needed for your wedding and reception.

  • Live Music

  • Full DJ services

  • Professional Master of Ceremonies

  • Professional Sound and Lighting

  • Solo guitarist for your ceremony

  • Acoustic music for your ceremony

  • Solo, duo, trio or full band for your cocktail hour

  • All announcements, toasts, etc.

  • Wireless microphone provided for speeches, toasts, etc.

  • Guaranteed not to be too loud (nothing worse than a band that is too loud)

Bride and Groom in Nature


Geno and Sean will work closely with the bride and groom as well as the wedding planner. After the initial emails, we will set up a meeting with the bride and groom.


We will meticulously go over every detail for your wedding and reception. We will figure out what “vibe” you are looking for and make sure that we can create that mood and atmosphere.


We realize that “one size doesn’t fit all” and every client has different wants and needs. 

Call or email us today for a consultation
513-708- 2497

Photography provided by:

John Klare Jr.Sonya Zeigler

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